AFFINIMIP® SPE - Selectives MIP SPE Cartridges

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for selective extraction of analytes from complex matrices

27-cartouche-AFFINIMIP-SPEAFFINIMIP® SPE are high performance Solid Phase Extraction sorbents based on molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) for sample cleanup before chromatographic analytical methods. Thanks to the superior selectivity in comparison with standard SPE, analytical chemists obtain higher recovery yields using simple and ready-to-use protocol.

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AFFINISEP designs a highly cross-linked polymer to specifically recognize one target compound (compound specific) or structurally related target compounds (class-selective), based on the shape and chemical functions using an imprinting procedure. Several formats are available.





Perfect sample cleanup and lower detection limits


Chromatograms of apple puree containing 40µg/kg or 80µg/kg of Patulin before (Red) and after (Blue) AFFINIMIP® SPE Patulin Clean-up

Based on molecularly imprinted polymers, AFFINISEP's AFFINIMIP® technology provides cleaner extracts thanks to high binding affinities for specific target molecule(s), resulting in lower limits of detection and quantification. The selectivity of AFFINIMIP® SPE allows stringent washing steps in order to remove all interferents and therefore minimize matrix effects. AFFINIMIP® SPE products enable rapid, highly specific and sensitive detection of the target analyte from complex matrices.


Ready for use analytical method


All AFFINIMIP® SPE products are delivered with an instruction sheet, describing the sample preparation and clean-up method in detail, recommended analytical conditions and a quality assurance certificate. Developed by AFFINISEP's Analytical Department, the extraction protocol will in most cases require no further optimization. No extra equipment than the usual required for conventional SPE is necessary.


Stable at broad pH ranges and high temperatures

AFFINIMIP® SPE phases are highly cross-linked polymers that maintain stability when exposed to organic solvents. They are stable at high temperatures, and can be used over broad pH ranges, without loss of selectivity. They can be stored at room temperatures for prolonged periods of times (several years). This is extremely advantageous over immunoaffinity based products.

Reduction of ion suppression

Ion suppression is a problematic phenomenon that occurs when analyzing trace levels of analyte(s) in complex matrices with hyphenated techniques such as LC-MS-MS (Liquid Chromatography - tandem Mass Spectrometry). It is caused by the co-elution of matrix components with analyte(s) of interest and negatively affects several analytical figures of merit such as detection capability, precision and accuracy. Therefore, a perfect sample cleanup during sample preparation is critical. Thanks to the selectivity of AFFINIMIP® technology, ion suppression is reduced compared to more conventional SPE phases.



Extraction of Patulin from a variety of apple-based food matrices : Apple juice, puree, cider, baby food.

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Specific extraction of Ochratoxin A from a variety of food samples matrices: cereals, wines, spices, coffee.

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AFFINIMIP® SPE Zearalenone

Specific extraction of Zearalenone from a variety of food samples matrices: cereals, baby food.

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Specific extraction of Fumonisins and zearalenone from maize products

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Specific extraction of Bisphenol A from a variety of matrices: water, milk, canned food...

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AFFINIMIP® SPE Chloramphenicol

Specific extraction of Chloramphenicol from products of animal origin and biological matrices

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Class-selective extraction of natural and synthetic estrogens from water or biological samples.

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Class-selective extraction of Phenolic compounds from a variety samples: water, cosmectics, biological or food matrices.

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AFFINIMIP® SPE Zeranol Residues

Class-selective extraction of Zeranol Residues from biological samples (urine, plasma) or animal tissues.

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AFFINIMIP® SPE Catecholamines

Class-selective extraction of free Catecholamines and its amino metabolites from biological samples: plasma, serum.

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AFFINIMIP® SPE Metanephrines

Class-selective extraction of Metanephrines from biological samples: plasma, serum.

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AFFINIMIP® SPE Amphetamines

Class selective extraction of Amphetamines from biological samples: urine and serum.

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AFFINIMIP® SPE Tetracyclines

Selective extraction of Tetracycline, Chlortetracycline and Oxytetracycline

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AFFINIMIP SPE Picolinic Herbicides

High recovery yields for the clean-up of PICLORAM, AMINOPYRALID and CLOPYRALID

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AFFINIMIP® SPE Deoxynivalenol

Specific extraction of Deoxynivalenol (DON)

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Extraction of Glyphosate and AMPA

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Extraction of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons from fatty foods such as oil

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