Multimycotoxins analysis in very fatty matrix

11 regulated mycotoxins analyzed on fatty sunflower seeds

Multimycotoxins analysis of fatty foods and feeds is highly challenging. There is currently no efficient method for such matrices.

We have developed a straightforward cleanup method based on AFFINIMIP®SPE Multimyco LCMSMS cartridges to analyze 11 most common mycotoxins in a very fatty matrix, sunflower seeds. This method shows excellent results with recovery yields higher than 80%. Have a look to our application note for sunflower seeds.

AFFINIMIP®SPE Multimyco LCMSMS is a cost-effective product for the SIMULTANEOUS analysis of these regulated mycotoxins in food and feed matrices (Aflatoxins B1/B2/G1/G2, Zearalenone, Fumonisins B1 & B2, Ochratoxin A, HT-2 & T-2 toxins, Deoxynivalenol a.k.a Vomitoxin). The product stability makes possible its storage at room temperature over years.

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