Glyphosate analysis on tea, juice and more matrices...

AFFINIMIP®SPE Glyphosate - A new booklet of applications

AFFINIMIP®SPE Glyphosate - AMPA is a selective tool for the analysis of Glyphosate, AMPA and Glufosinate from complex matrices without derivatization prior to LC-MS/MS detection. AFFINISEP provides a new booklet  gathering various application notes on matrices such as cereals, honey, fruit juice, tea or water... Several analytical methods with or without derivatization are described using different detection tools.

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AFFINISEP, expert on sample preparation tools, market a full range of SPE cartridges including AFFINIMIP®SPE, an easy and ready to use selective MIP SPE cartridges,   AttractSPETM, polymeric SPE cartridges (HLB, SCX, SAX ...), SilactSPETM, modified silica and other sorbents SPE cartridges (C18, C8, florisil...) as well Passive sampling applications.

Numerous applications notes are described for the analyses of Mycotoxins, Endocrine disruptors compounds, Antibiotics and Drug residues, Pesticides and Herbicides (picloram, clopyralid, aminopyralid and Glyphosate - AMPA).


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