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AttractSPE™ Disks 

AFFINISEP is proud to launch an innovative range of products, the AttractSPE™ Disks which benefits from unique properties to meet your requirement criterias for solid phase extraction.

AttractSPE™ Disks is a thin, dense and uniform extraction medium allowing the best interactions with analyte and a maximal flow rates without any channeling.


AttractSPE™Disks are characterized by :

pack AttractSPEÔäó Disks

Exceptional performance through a high density of interactions

Great hold and resistance associated to very low thickness <1mm

- Perfect homogeneity allowing the best recovery

Available in a broad variety of phases such as HLB, C18, anionic and cationic exchanges for the extraction of a wide range of contaminants, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides...

-  Compatible with manual and automated holders

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Our goal is to guarantee one of the best SPE disks available to this day and to provide the best alternative to the 3M EMPORE Disks.

You will find on the page of the AttractSPE™ Disk all its characteristics but also all our references produced depending on your needs. Moreover, we have at your disposal on this page application notes.

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AFFINISEP, expert on sample preparation tools, market a full range of SPE cartridges and SPE Disks including

AFFINIMIP®SPE, an easy and ready to use selective MIP SPE cartridges,  

AttractSPETM, polymeric SPE cartridges (HLB, SCX, SAX ...),

SilactSPETM, modified silica and other sorbents SPE cartridges (C18, C8, florisil...)

as well Passive sampling applications.

Numerous applications notes are described for the analyses of Mycotoxins, Endocrine disruptors compounds, Antibiotics and Drug residues, Pesticides and Herbicides (picloram, clopyralid, aminopyralid and Glyphosate - AMPA).


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