Mycotoxins Analysis : New VIDEO and Applications that shortern your Patulin Analysis


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          Autumn is here, leaves are falling down from the trees, apple season is at its peak…

and Patulin is back !

Patulin is the main mycotoxin concern with apple products such as juice, cider, baby food,  purée. Several countries have instituted patulin restrictions in apple products.

In response to these regulations, AFFINISEP brings to you AFFINIMIP®SPE Patulin, the unique solution for the analysis of Patulin in all kinds of matrices.

 AFFINISEP is pleased to put at your disposal two new Application Notes on pear/apple puree and apple juice for faster clean-up with LC-MS/MS analysis ! All the other Application Notes are available on our Booklet.

Make sure also to take a look at our SPE protocol video for Patulin extraction !

You can watch the video on our website by clicking on the image below:

video Patulin SPE protocol


Discover also our other AFFINIMIP®SPE Solutions for Mycotoxins Analysis : Ochratoxin A, Zearalenone, Deoxynivalenol, Fumonisins and Zearalenone.


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