AttractSPEÔäó Disks Booklet: NEW Applications including Comparisons with Competitors !

AttractSPE™ Disks Booklet and NEW Applications


This booklet has a lot to tell about our latest Innovation, new application notes including comparisons with competitors.

Discover each one right below :

PAHs with AttractSPE™ Disks HLBtSPE™Disks C18 - EPA method 550.1 Compared to 3M    Empore SPE Disks C18ÔÇő

PAHs with AttractSPE™ Disks HLB

Multiresidues analysis with AttractSPE™Disks HLB compared to competitor SPE Disks HLB

Acid herbicides with AttractSPE™ Disks Anion exchange SR

Ionic Herbicides with AttractSPE™ Disks HLB


You will find also AttractSPE™ Disks presentation and products details.

Discover it right now !

AttractSPE™ Disks are dense, resistant and uniform membranes, especially designed for loading large waters volume at high flow rate. Its high area of exchange allows the best interaction and high recovery. AttractSPE™ Disks is the Best Alternative to the 3M Empore Disks.


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AFFINISEP, expert on sample preparation tools, market a full range of SPE cartridges and SPE Disks including

AFFINIMIP®SPE, an easy and ready to use selective MIP SPE cartridges,  

AttractSPETM, polymeric SPE cartridges (HLB, SCX, SAX ...),

SilactSPETM, modified silica and other sorbents SPE cartridges (C18, C8, florisil...)

as well Passive sampling applications.

Numerous applications notes are described for the analyses of Mycotoxins, Endocrine disruptors compounds, Antibiotics and Drug residues, Pesticides and Herbicides (picloram, clopyralid, aminopyralid and Glyphosate - AMPA).


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