Innovative sample clean-up tools for proteomics

Discover our proteomics clean-up tools based on AttractSPE™Disks for an efficient LC-MS analysis


Stage-tips, Spin-SPE, 96 well-plate, …, for the analysis of Proteins, Peptides, Biomarker discoveries and Biological applications


Microextraction products range


  • No need to frits
  • Reduced dead volume
  • Small elution volumes
  • High sample recovery
  • Reduced time for eluate evaporation
  • Higher throughput
  • Channeling effects eliminated
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Spinnable
  • Automatable and High throughput HTS


For more information or for custom - made tools for proteomics, please contact us :

AFFINISEP, The art of Making Sample Preparation Easier


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