Discover AttractSPEÔäóDisks Stagetips and the corresponding 96 plate for microelution

AFFINISEP, Excellent source for Microelution SPE for bioanalytical and proteomics needs !


Whether your application involves high throughput desalting/fractionations of proteins/peptides, sample separation of small molecules or biomarker discoveries, We have the right SPE tools for you.


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What sets our products aside from traditional SPE products in the market are one the design and the second is the technology behind our AttractSPE™Disks. The dense particle packing and uniform distribution within AttractSPE™Disks offer outstanding sample preparation efficiency and reproducibility of results.
AttractSPE™Disks are available under various chemistry (C18, C8, C4, SAX, HLB, DVB, RPS, …) and under various formats such as SPE tips, 96 well-plate SPE (for high throughput automation), spinnable SPE tubes or SPE cartridges, making extremely easy the change of format or capacity.


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