Our solutions for water analysis

AFFINISEP has a large portfolio of products for environmental applications on our catalog.

Let's focus on some of these innovative products:

AttractSPE™Disks Environment 

     - To concentrate high volume of water with a fast flow rate with an excellent efficiency

     - Available with a large chemistry (HLB, C18, SDB-RPS, DVB, Anion and cation exchanges, chelating) and various diameters (25, 47, 90mm)

     - Compliant with EPA methods

     - For the extraction of a large scope of contaminants such as drug residues, PAHs or pesticides, metals

Passive sampling to collect all kinds of contaminants in water

     - With a broad range of POCIS including THE unique AFFINIMIP® POCIS GLYPHOSATE

     - With chemcatchers by using AttractSPE™Disks for chelating

     - With SPATT (Solid phase adsorption toxin tracking) to monitor microalgal biotoxins


     - For a very efficient extraction of all acidic perfluorinated compounds in water

     - Exceptional cleanliness


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