An efficient SPE tip for your protein peptide purification



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Discover AttractSPE® Disks Tips for an efficient peptides purification

AttractSPE® Disks tips are a broad range of tips columns for the fractionation and desalting of peptides and proteins, purification of DNA/RNA and any clean-up for bioanalysis.

They are very performant due to the design of the sorbent (tighly packed small particles of sorbents embedded in a membrane).
Thanks to the diversity of sorbents (C18, C8, C4, HLB, SAX, RPS, SCX, Silica etc...) with different pore size up to 500A, this SPE tips columns give you the opportunity to get the right product for your micro-elution application before mass spectrometry.

Discover high efficiency and capacity of AttractSPE®Disks Tips columns to purify peptides after the trypsin digestion in this application note :

The product is available as well under 96 SPE plate for high troughput analysis.


Covid 19  crisis

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