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This section provides an easy access to the latest information on all our products through application notes, instruction sheets, product flyers and catalog, publications.

  • Solid Phase Extraction catalogue for sample clean-up 
    Discover our range of selective solid phase extraction sorbents used for trace analysis in complex matrices.
  • Catalogue for radiotracers purification
    Discover our range of complete range of SPE sorbents for radiotracers purification and services to solve your problem
  • Application Notebook
    Discover the results obtained during our tests for the target analyte(s) in various matrices: chromatograms, recoveries, RDS et reproducibility...
  • Instruction sheets
    Instructions for use of AFFINIMIP® SPE products including: sample preparation steps (preparation of the loading solution), solid phase extraction procedure (loading, washing and elution steps), required equipment and analytical conditions.
  • Publications & Posters
    References of scientific articles and posters using AFFINIMIP SPE.

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