Passive Sampling

 Passive sampling enables the monitoring of contaminants (micropollutants or biotoxins) in water (surface water, groundwater, coastal water...) for a short (at least 7 days) to long period (with an average field deployment of one month) for which no power, maintenance and supervision is required. An average of the concentration of collected contaminants is measured in the laboratory.

POCIS description





                                                      Figure: description of POCIS components

The Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Sampler (POCIS) is designed to provide the time weighted average (TWA) concentration of hydrophilic organic chemicals (pesticides, drug residues, EDCs…) during the sampling period. 

On another way, Solid phase adsorption toxin tracking (SPATT) is a new monitoring tool that simulates the biotoxin contamination of filter feeding bivalves.

POCIS and SPATT consist of a solid sorbent contained between two porous membranes. The sorbent collects the contaminant in water. The Organic chemicals and biotoxins are then  extracted from the sorbent following a SPE procedure and analyzed using classical analytical methods by HPLC, and LC-MS, .... 








Figure: steps from POCIS to analysis

Advantages of POCIS & SPATT

- Can generate a time-weighted average (TWA) concentration of the contaminants in water

- Deployable in harsh conditions

- No a priori preparation or supervision

AFFINISEP provides a complete range of sorbents for the retention of specific molecules or a family of contaminant for Pharmaceutical, Pesticides, Herbicides, Endocrine disruptors, Biotoxins... as well as all necessary accessories such as holder, canister, manifold, ....

POCIS Kits containing PRCs

Performance and reference compound (PRC) is a compound not present in the environment (e.g., a deuterated molecule such as DIA-d5), which is spiked in the sorbent phase of the POCIS before its exposure. PRC can be used as internal standards and can correct Rs from varying environmental conditions.Our kit contains 3 cartridges with the same PRC - sorbent as reference for your measurements.


Picture of AttractSPE POCIS                                 Picture of AttractSPE SPATT Biotoxins


POCIS                        SPATT Biotoxins

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POCIS for the monitoring of Glyphosate and AMPA

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POCIS for the monitoring of endocrine disrupting compounds

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POCIS contains HLB for the monitoring of pharmaceutical drug residues

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AttractSPE™ POCIS Pesticides

POCIS for the monitoring of pesticides compounds (For Glyphosate and AMPA, please use AFFINIMIP POCIS GLYPHOSATE)

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POCIS canister

POCIS accessories

Several accessories are available to implement POCIS measurements.

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