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Disks-based passive samplers are passive samplers using SPE disks as collecting phase for the contaminants. A large collection of AttractSPE®Disks such as HLB, SAX, SCX, C18, C18Polar, RPS, DVB (a.k.a SDB), chelating can be used for AttractSPE®Disks Passive Samplers or for Chemcatcher®. An homogeneous uptake of contaminants can be done on the whole exposed area of the disks.

AttractSPE®Disks Passive Samplers or Chemcatcher® are very similar in their use. In both devices, the housing has a aperture of 40mm on one side of the device whereas the other side is full. AttractSPE®Disks Passive Samplers housing is made of inox and can be used on the 3-passive sampler holder whereas Chemcatcher® housing is made of PTFE.

These devices are designed to provide time weighted average (TWA) concentration of polar or non polar organic compounds as well as metals during the sampling period

Compounds of interest AttractSPE®Disks
Metals Chelating
Pharmaceutical residues and pesticides HLB or RPS
PAHs, PCBs and non-polar compounds C18

AttractSPE®Disks Passive Samplers are available as kits of membrane/SPE disks and metal framework for an easy use.

Refill kits

Refill kits of ready-to-use membranes and of SPE disks are also available to re-use metal frameworks.

Passive sampling on groundwater

The 90mm diameter of the AttractSPE®Disks Passive Samplers is suitable for surface water whereas long and rectangular shapes are available for ground water.

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