Custom-made MIP

ASK AFFINISEP to develop an imprinted polymer for your specific application!

AFFINISEP offers full services to design new SPE, extraction and detection kits based on Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) complying to your specifications.

Before starting a new project, we will study theoretical feasibility of the project. This step is usually free of charge and takes at least 2 weeks. If the feasibility of the project is approved by our team, a custom-made MIP project could start, comprising at least 3 steps.
The step 1 concerns the development of an appropriate polymer based on physic-chemical studies and experimental screening. At this stage, we will show the affinity and specifity of the polymer for target molecule.

The step 2 concerns the development of application protocol . At the end of this step, we usually deliver some samples to customer for an internal validation.

After the customer validation, we scale-up the process and establish a quality control report in order to supply you the product developed together.

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