SPE for bioanalysis & proteomics

AttractSPE™Disks are thin, dense, soft and uniform membranes based chromatography for extraction/separation, purification and concentration of analyte molecules.

Thanks to their unique advantage, AttractSPE™Disks are useful for purification of Very Small Sample Volumes in Proteomics, Genomics, Metabolomics, Biomarker discoveries and Biological applications. They are applied for Spinnable, Automatable, High throughput microextraction and nano extraction.

AttractSPE™Disks offer outstanding sample preparation efficiency and reproducibility of results. Since the diffusion distance between particles is minimized, adsorption is more efficient, and extraction can be accomplished using very low sorbent mass.

These properties are giving to AttractSPE™Disks a significant improvement of mass transfer kinetics compared to traditional packed SPE particles. As a monolith disk, AttractSPE™Disks are self stand and require no frits for immobilizing the column bed (unlike traditional SPE products) allowing 100% recovery of the original sample volume.


Microextraction products range

Advantages of SPE disks​ :

  • No need to frits or filters
  • Reduced dead volume
  • Small elution volumes
  • High sample recovery
  • Reduced time for eluate evaporation
  • Higher throughput
  • Channeling effects eliminated
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Concentration of the sample

Format microextraction

AttractSPE™ Disks can be used to miniaturized SPE and due to the small operating volume of fluid samples available. So there are available under 4 formats for microextraction.

AttractSPE™ Disks Tips – Stagetips

µSPE column designed by immobilizing an uniform disk inside a pipette tips (Stagetips)

Zoom tips








AttractSPE™ Disks Spin SPE

SPE column designed by immobilizing an uniform disk inside a centrifuge SPE microtube

spin tube + reservoir








AttractSPE™ Disks 96 well-plate SPE

96 SPE wellplate column designed by immobilizing an uniform disk








AttractSPE™ Disks SPE cartridges

SPE column designed by immobilizing an uniform disk










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• A broad variety of sorbents for each required applications

• Various formats: disks, spins, 96 SPE plates, cartridges

• One sorbent - several layers for increased capacity

• Several sorbents - stacking for complex applications

• Disks used as filter for application requiring beads


Sorbents for SPE Disks for biomolecular applications

Compatible with analytical methods


- Desalting of peptides; fractionation of peptides at acidic and neutral Ph

- Drug extraction in biological samples


  Desalting of large peptides and proteins; Usage as frits to retain beads in a tip


Purification of DNA


Desalting of large peptides and proteins

SDB a.k.a PS-DVB

Fractionation of peptides at basic pH

HLB: SDB with hydrophilic moieties  ​

Fractionation of peptides Extraction of small molecules (drugs) in biological fluids​

SDB – RPS: Sulfonic modified SDB sorbent  ​

Desalting of peptides ; Fractionation of peptides

SAX : Anion exchange SDB 

Fractionation of peptides by salt or pH steps

SCX: Cation exchange SDB 

Fractionation of peptides by salt or pH steps



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