AttractFiltra®Protein Precipitation plate

AttractFiltra® Protein Precipitation plates make easy, fast and automatable, the removal plasma/serum proteins prior to the analysis of small molecules present in these complex matrices.

This very important step is obtained by proteins precipitation in presence of an organic solvent (e. g. acetonitrile). In the 2mL format of each well, you can leave your organic solvent in the well for several hours without any leakage.

The addition of the serum/plasma and the subsequent mixing lead to the protein precipitation. Then by the use of a positive pressure or vacuum manifolds or centrifugation, the filtrate containing small molecules is collected for a LC-MS/MS analysis. Usually the proportion is 1 volume of biological fluids to 3 volumes of organic solvent.

The overall process is very short and can be lead easily with an automate.

precipitation 96 microelution

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