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AttractSPE®Tips are spinnable and automatable Tips for high throughput useful for peptide desalting, proteomics, biomarker discoveries and bioanalysis applications.


To prepare high quality peptide samples for LC-MS, it is very important to ensure the overall quality of shotgun proteomics experiments. Peptide samples collected after digestion usually need to be cleaned to remove salts, possible gel pieces (for in-gel digested samples) or particles (for in-solution digested samples), which otherwise will damage the LC switching valves or clog the columns.

AttractSPE®Tips is the ideal tools for this application as well as for drugs extraction or analysis of small molecules in urine or serum in bioanalysis.



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Some product references



Reference – 200µl - 96/pk

Reference –1mL - 96/pk

AttractSPE® Disks Tips C18

C18 membrane, 96/pk



AttractSPE® Disks Tips C8

C8 membrane, 96/pk


Tips-C8.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips HLB

HLB membrane, 96/pk


Tips-HLB.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips SDB

PS-DVB membrane, 96/pk


Tips-DVB.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips  SDB - RPS

Modified DVB membrane, 96/pk


Tips-RPS.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips SAX

SAX membrane, 96/pk


Tips-SAX.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips SCX

SCX membrane, 96/pk


Tips-SCX.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips C18-SCX

Stacking C18 & SCX membrane, 96/pk


Tips-C18-SCX.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips C18-SCX-C18

Stacking C18 & SCX &C18 membrane, 96/pk


Tips-C18-SCX-C18.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips SDB-SAX

Stacking PS-DVB & SAX membrane, 96/pk


Tips-DVB-SAX.T1. 1000.96

AttractSPE® Disks Tips Silica

Silica membrane, 96/pk


Tips-Si.T1. 1000.96

Tip Volumes : 200, 300, 500, 1000 µL

Articles :

- High-throughput genetic screenings that provide a novel global map of the histone residues required for transcriptional reprogramming in response to heat and osmotic stress was performed in this article.

In this study, phosphopeptides high pH fractionation was carried out using gel loader tips plugged with AttractSPE®Disks C18 (equivalent to our AttractSPE® Disks Tips C18 and packed with 1 mg of C18 material.


A genetic analysis reveals novel histone residues required for transcriptional reprogramming upon stress, Cristina Viéitez, Gerard Martínez-Cebrián, Carme Solé, René Böttcher, Clement M Potel, Mikhail M Savitski, Sara Onnebo, Marc Fabregat, Ali Shilatifard, Francesc Posas, Eulàlia de Nadal, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 48, Issue 7, 17 April 2020, Pages 3455–3475, Open access - New !


- Combining thermal proteome profiling (TPP) with phosphoproteomics (phospho-TPP) provides a way to assess the functional relevance of identified phosphorylation sites on a proteome-wide scale by comparing the melting behavior of a protein and its phosphorylated form(s). In this article, phospho-TPP experiments in HeLa cells was performed with an optimized protocol.

In this study, phosphopeptides fractionation was carried out using gel loader tips plugged with AttractSPE®Disks C18 (equivalent to our AttractSPE® Disks Tips C18 and packed with 1 mg of C18 material.


Impact of phosphorylation on thermal stability of proteins, Clément M. Potel, Nils Kurzawa, Isabelle Becher, Athanasios Typas, André Mateus, Mikhail M. Savitski

bioRxiv 2020.01.14.903849; doi: Open access - New !


Application Notes​

In this application note, performances of AttractSPE®Disks Tips C18 and two marketed SPE tips C18 are compared for the peptidic purification. As a model, the standard protein (BSA, Bovin Serum Albumin) was digested with trypsin and the peptides were then desalted and concentrated with SPE Tips C18. Peptides were finally analysed by nanoLC-MS/MS. Generated data show excellent performance of the AttractSPE®Disks Tips C18 similar or even better than both marketed SPE tips and make possible an easy and reliable identification of the proteins.

Learn more :

AN Application Note AttractSPE®Disks Tips C18 - Peptides

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