AttractSPE™ Disks Anion exchange - SR - 47mm - 20/pk

Reference : SPE-Disks-AN-47.T1.20
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Product Product reference Compatible with analytical methods

AttractSPE™Disks Anion Exchange - SR

20/pk, 47mm diameter

SPEDisks-AN- 47.T1.20


EPA methods:

548.1 Rev. 1 (Endothall), EPA Method 552.1 Rev. 1 (Haloacetic Acids and Dalapon)

And also Pesticides, Pharmaceutical compounds and analytes containing carboxylic acid groups


Analysis of Acid Herbicides: Aminopyralid, Clopyralid and Picloram in large volumes of water using AttractSPE™Disks - Anion Exchange - SR

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