SPE disks Manifolds

Manifolds designed for the use of SPE disks

One-, three- or six-station filtration manifolds allow the simultaneous extractions of several 1-L samples on a very simple and easy-to-handle way.

Widely used for chemistry analyse, biochemical, pharmaceutical, sanitation test, environment test, water quality analyze, food, beverage and science research and so on, the product makes possible the testing of one, three or six samples at the same time during a very simple operation. According to his needs, the operator choose different materials of membrane filter or SPE disks to filter different samples, such as suspended solids, bacteria, chlorophyll etc...

The manifold is a very compact stainless steel device with a filtration glassware. Stainless steel can resist to acids and bases, corrosion, high temperature and can tolerate the high temperature of 180℃ making easy high temperature sterilization. Each station is controlled through an independent flow control valve.

When used with SPE disks, a designed location for vials makes easy the elution collect.

The kit is made of

1- 300mL glass funnel

2- Borosilicate glass filter head

3- Stainless steel holder

4- PTFE valve

5- Clamp of aluminum alloy

6- Lid


Manifold SPE Disks - 1Manifold SPE Disks - 2


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