Solid Phase Extraction Disks for a high contaminants enrichment with a high flow rate

pack AttractSPEÔäó DisksAttractSPE®Disks are Solid Phase Extraction Disks for the extractions of a broad range of contaminants. AttractSPE®Disks is a thin and uniform SPE disk for retention of targeted analytes without any breakthrough. Despite its thinness, AttractSPE®Disks  remain dense and resistant with a very good hold during your sample analysis.

Attract SPE®Disks have been diversified in two very different fields requiring their own specifications: Environment and Biomolecular analysis.

AttractSPE®Disks Environment make possible the loading of large water volume thanks to a fast flow rate and a high surface area of exchange. Our innovative SPE disks allow the best interactions with analytes and a maximal flow rates without any channeling. Attract®SPE Disks Environment reduce extraction time while loading high volume of water. A high enrichment is obtained by our SPE disks with excellent recoveries (>90%). AttractSPE®Disks Environment is also the perfect membrane to use for the passive sampler Chemcatcher thanks to a very good hold and ease to use. AFFINISEP supplies a wide variety of sorbents such as HLB, C18, SDB-RPS, SDB-XC, Anion and cation exchanges.

AttractSPE®Disks BioMol is dense and uniform membranes allowing peptides purification and desalting for tiny volume of samples. Thanks to the elasticity of the membrane, AttractSPE®Disks BioMol is the perfect toolbox to develop your own specific formats for High throughput and automatized screening, for instance to make Stagetips by punching the membranes. AFFINISEP supplies a wide variety of sorbents such as C18, RPS, SDB, SCX and SAX. From these disks, several tools have been designed and developped for biomolecular applications such as spin tubes, Stagetips, 96 wellplates etc...

AttractSPE®Disks are available with 25, 47 or 90mm diameter. Other formats, please contact us.

AttractSPE®Disks are the only alternative products to 3M Empore disk for Solid Phase Extraction!

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Avantages of AttractSPE®Disks


Attract SPE®Disks Environment AttractSPE®Disks BioMol

- For the enrichment of large volume samples or for CHEMCATCHER passive samplers

- Diversity of sorbents C18, HLB, SDB-XC, SDB-RPS, Anion and cation exchanges...

- High flow rates

- High kinetics

- Large sample volume (several liters)

- Homogeneous particules

- Compatible with manual and automated holders

- Can handle dirty samples

- Compliant with EPA methods


- For peptides purification and desalting

- Diversity of sorbents C18, C8, C4, SCX, SAX, RPS

- Easy adaptation to Bioanalytical formats

- Handling of tiny and viscous samples

- High density of homogeneous particles

- Compatible with automated liquid handlers and high throughput analysis (HTS)

- High porosity




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attractspe disks environment

AttractSPE®Disks Environment

Solid Phase Extraction Disks for Waters and Environmental Liquids Analysis at High Flow Rates

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SPE disks Manifolds

Manifolds designed for the use of SPE disks

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