AttractSPE - polymeric cartridges

AttractSPE®is a complete product line of polymeric sorbents for a broad range of purification.

AttractSPE® Polymer-based SPE cartridges  are crosslinked polymer particles bearing various chemical functionalities. The combination of the water-wettable optimised surface chemistry, high surface area and pH stability ensures high reproducible yield.  AttractSPE® support the six common retention mechanisms used for any purification:

-Hydrophilic Lipophilic Balance (AttractSPE®HLB)

-Reversed phase (AttractSPE®DVB)

-Mixed-mode Strong Anion Exchange (AttractSPE®SAX & AttractSPE®SAX-HCO3)

-Mixed-mode Weak Anion Exchange (AttractSPE®WAX)

-Mixed-mode Strong Cation Exchange (AttractSPE®SCX)

-Mixed-mode Weak Cation Exchange (AttractSPE®WCX)

Available AttractSPE®cartridges in different formats


avantages attractspe





AttractSPE HLB

Uncharged Hydrophilic and Lipophilic sorbent

see family

AttractSPE SAX

Strong anion exchange sorbent for weak acids

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Strong anion exchange sorbent with hydrogenocarbonate anion

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AttractSPE WCX

Weak cation exchange sorbent for strong bases and quaternary amines

see family

AttractSPE SCX

Strong cation exchange for weak bases

see family

AttractSPE WAX

Weak anion exchange sorbent for strong acids

see family

AttractSPE DVB

Polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer with a high hydrophobicity

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