SPE kit for sample preparation

Providing Turnkey Solid Phase Extraction solutions for clean-up and sample preparation is our core-business

AFFINISEP develops, manufactures and markets the most exhaustive solid phase extraction (SPE) kits and services.

AFFINISEP supplies from the commonly SPE products (AttractSPE polymeric sorbentsSilactSPE silica based-sorbents) for a crude clean-up phases to the most innovative SPE for very specific extractions (AFFINIMIP® SPE).

These products are available with different formats (open cartridges, reversible cartridges, for automates...) (see formats pictures)




AFFINISEP also proposes complete services from training to turnkey implementation including SPE protocol or product development.

Download our products catalogue for sample preparation (contact us for a paper version)


1 MIP fond transparent petit

AFFINIMIP® SPE - Selectives MIP SPE Cartridges

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for selective extraction of analytes from complex matrices

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AttractSPE® cartridge

AttractSPE® - Polymeric SPE cartridges

Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction Sorbents

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SilactSPE™ - Miscellaneous SPE cartridges

Very large range of SPE cartridges

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Solid Phase Extraction Accessories

Vacuum manifold, Pectinase solution, SPE adapters...

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On-line SPE

On-line SPE columns for coupling with LC analysis

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Services for custom-made solutions

Development of Clean-up solutions for your analyses

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