Services for custom-made solutions

Development of Clean-up solutions for your analyses

Enjoy AFFINISEP expertise

Providing appropriate clean-up solution by Solid Phase Extraction is the core-business of AFFINISEP. In addition, AFFINISEP has also developed a strong expertise on the design and production of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer thanks to a fully integrated technology platforms in organic, polymer and analytical chemistry.

You can enjoy our expertises through the following services:

Please fill the request service formula or send us an email to You can describe your application and our scientists will shortly evaluate your needs before contacting you as soon as possible.

Workflow of a service

No matter if we run a short term project (2-3 days) or long term project (4 to 6 months) we always follow a  well-established procedure. The following scheme describes an example of a procedure for the development of a custom-made product based on our customer's requirements.

After signing of Confidential Disclosure Agreements (if necessary), key data and a questionnaire are exchanged. A quotation based on our experience in separation science including a process sheet is developed. During the whole procedure, a permanent feedback is established with you.


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