Extraction of NNAL - biomarker of tobacco - from biological fluids

NNAL  (4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanol) is a metabolite of NNK, a lung carcinogen compound. NNK belongs to the family of tobacco-specific n-nitrosamines (TSNA), found only in tobacco and tobacco products. The measurement of NNAL in people’s urine is a reliable way to determine exposure to NNK for smokers, for non-smokers exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or other ways.


Chemical structure of NNAL

  NNAL structure








AFFINIMIP®SPE NNAL are selective solid phase extraction cartridges that selectively clean and concentrate NNAL from biological fluids prior to analysis by LC-MS/MS.


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  • Perfect clean-up system suitable for LC-MS/MS analysise
  • Ready for use and optimized extraction protocols supplied in the kit: strong reduction of interferents and matrix effects
  • Enrichment of the analyte
  • 3mL and 10mL format


Application notes

Urine New!

Application note AFFINIMIP® SPE NNAL in urine - LC-MS/MS

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