Polymeric SPE cartridges

Thanks to its expertise in polymer chemistry, AFFINISEP has developed a complete range of polymeric SPE phases with various chemistries, various particle sizes as well as porosities: AttractSPE®.

AttractSPE® are solid phase extraction cartridges making possible the extraction of compounds from simple and fast matrix cleanup to more complex matrices based on six common retention mechanisms used in analytical laboratories:

  • Polar Modified Reversed Phase: Hydrophobic-hydrophilic balance (HLB)
  • Mixed-mode Strong Cation Exchange: SCX
  • Mixed-mode Weak Cation Exchange: WCX
  • Mixed-mode Strong Anion Exchange: SAX
  • Mixed-mode Weak Anion Exchange: WAX
  • Reversed phase: DVB

AttractSPE® is available under 2 main format :

  • Disk format : AttractSPE® Disk that is a thin, soft membrane. It is self-held and no need to frits. Based on particle size around 10µm to 15µm, It has a high surface area giving its high capacity. AttractSPE® Disk is available as cartridges, tips or 96-well plates, spin.
  • Powder format: AttractSPE® Power are based on 30µm, 60µm or 100µm (depending to the SPE cartridges format), the powder is held between 2 frits.

All of our polymeric SPE are available for ASPEC (Gilson) and MPS (Gerstel) automate.

Product families

HLB SPE cartridges

AttractSPE®HLB are uncharged water-wettable polymeric resin suitable for the extraction of a wide range of analytes (polar, apolar, neutral, acidic, basic…).

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DVB SPE cartridges

A polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer presenting a high hydrophobicity for the extraction of hydrophobic analytes.

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WAX SPE cartridges

AttractSPE®WAX is a weak anion exchange polymeric phase particularly suited for the extraction of strong acids (pKa)

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SAX SPE cartridges

AttractSPE®SAX is Solid Phase extraction based on a strong anion exchange polymeric phase. It is particularly suited for the extraction of weak acids (pKa 2 – 8).

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WCX SPE cartridges

AttractSPE® WCX is a solid phase extraction based on a weak cation exchange polymeric phase, particularly suitable for the extraction of strong bases and quaternary amines (pKa>10).

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SCX SPE cartridges

AttractSPE® SCX is solid phase extraction based on a strong cation exchange polymeric phase particularly suitable for the extraction of weak bases (pKa 2 – 10).

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