For organotins analysis following ISO 17353 and ISO 23161 methods

is a column for the analysis of these compounds in water, soil, sediment, sludge and waste (soil-like material).

A 25mL column contains 3g Na2SO4 and 5g Silica compliant with ISO17353 and ISO23161.

This column can be used for the analysis of:

  • Organotins cations (Monobutyltin BuSn3+; Dibutyltin Bu4Sn3+; Tributyltin Bu3Sn+; Monooctyltin OcSn3+; Dioctyltin Oc2Sn2+; Triphenyltin Ph3Sn+; Tricyclohexyltin Cy3Sn+)
  • Peralkylated organotin (Tetrabutyltin Bu4Sn)
  • Methyltin compounds (Monomethyltin MeSn3+; Dimethyltin Me2Sn2+; Trimethyltin Me3Sn+)

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SilactSPE Organotin

3g Na2SO4 + 5g Silica according to ISO17353 and ISO23161 - 25mL cartridge - 25/pk

Ref. : OSn-25.S.25.3g.5g