For the uptake of biotoxins from microalgaes and cyanobacterias from fresh water and sea water

Occurrences of harmful algae blooms have dramatically increased in recent decades due to diverse factors (climate change, eutrophication, ocean acidification, etc). These phenomena can have economic and public health impacts.

AFFINIMIP® SPATT Biotoxins is a Solid phase adsorption toxin tracking passive sampler (SPATT) that simulates the biotoxin contamination of filter-feeding bivalves. It adsorbs microalgal and cyanobacteria toxins dissolved in seawater or freshwater such as:

  • Pectenotoxin (PTXs),
  • Yessotoxin (YTX),
  • Okadaic acid (OA),
  • Dinophysistoxin (DTXs),
  • Azaspiracids (AZAs),
  • Ciguatoxins (CTX),
  • Maitotoxins (MTX),
  • Domoic acid (DA)
  • and microcystin (MC)

SPATT consists of a solid sorbent contained between two membranes maintained in an 8 cm diameter framework. The sorbent adsorbs the biotoxins in seawater or freshwater before extraction from the sorbent (Empty SPE columns are supplied) prior to an analytical process such as LC-MS/MS analysis.

To evaluate shellfish contamination with biotoxins, the chemical analysis of the algal toxins collected by the SPATT devices is much easier than for shellfish without degradation or metabolisation. Sample preparation is rapid and simple, and few interfering components are usually present in the sample extracts.
Then, the toxin profile is much simpler than the metabolite profile usually found in shellfish.

These products can be held on a 3-element holder and small canisters.

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affinimip® spatt biotoxins


AFFINIMIP® SPATT Biotoxins - 8cm diameter- 1 unit

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