Pesticides and Herbicides

Determination of broad range of pesticides or of most specific families such as Glyphosate – AMPA or Picloram in water, soil or food-feed.

Pesticides are active substances belonging to very different families of molecules and widely used in agriculture. As a consequence, these compounds are regulated in food/feed and monitored in water and environment.

Several kits were developed to help analysts in pesticide analysis depending on matrices.

AFFINIMIP® SPE Glyphosate are selective solid phase extraction cartridges that selectively clean and concentrate Glyphosate, AMPA and glufosinate. Conventional SPE sorbents do not provide very efficient extractions of these very polar molecules. So, AFFINIMIP® SPE Glyphosate supplies a very efficient way to extract these pesticides from very complex matrices such as food, feed or water including sea water.

AFFINIMIP® SPE Picolinic Herbicides are selective solid phase extraction cartridges that clean and concentrate Picloram, Clopyralid and Aminopyralid from matrices such as water and compost prior to analysis.

Qcleanup Quechers are commonly used for other pesticides analysis in food.

AttractSPE® polymeric kits such as HLB or SAX bring solutions of choice for multiresidues analysis of pesticides in water. They are available as SPE columns or as SPE disks.

Passive samplers are commonly used for environmental monitoring of pesticides.