Ready-to-use kits for the analysis of beta-agonists from biological fluids.

Beta-agonists are non-hormonal growth promoters increasing muscle mass while improving growth rate of cattle. Several countries prohibit the use of these substances to raise livestock and the importation of these animals. For instance, in the European Union, the directive 2003/74/EC prohibits the use in stockfarming of beta-agonists.

AFFINIMIP® SPE Beta-agonists are selective solid phase extraction cartridges that clean and concentrate beta-agonists [Salbutamol, Zilpaterol, Ractopamine, Clenbuterol…] prior to analysis by HPLC-MS.

Affinisep provides 2 cartridge formats for your analysis: 3mL or LRC.
The LRC cartridge facilitates the loading of larger volumes.