SLE Supported Liquid Extraction

Supported Liquid Extraction (a.k.a SLE) is an alternative to LLE to pass from an aqueous media to an organic media without emulsion formation. This method is also useful to remove phospholipids and proteins from biological fluids.

AttractSPE®SLE contains an inert sorbent which absorbs water and enables the extraction of analytes with an organic solvent not miscible with water. This product advantageously replaces the phase transfer using liquid-liquid extraction and inherent problems such as emulsion formation. This process is easy to automate, with a limited labour ,glassware and organic solvent.

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AttractSPE® SLE

Supported Liquid Extraction cartridges with Diatomaceous earth sorbent for 1mL loading solution. 50/pk

Ref. : SLE-50.S.1

AttractSPE® SLE

Supported Liquid Extraction 96 wellplate with Diatomaceous earth sorbent - 1 Unit - 200mg

Ref. : SLE-1.96W.200