Quechers and Passthrough SPE columns

Solutions based on solid phase to remove interferences compounds via a simple method

Quechers extraction salts & dispersive SPE

Passthrough SPE columns

Several solutions exist to quickly remove some interference in a very short time.

QuEChERS is a sample pretreatment mainly used for the analysis of multiple pesticides into fruits and vegetables. It is the acronym of Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged ans Safe.

They are mainly used in centrifuge tubes

Passthrough SPE columns are another way to roughly remove interferences. In a SPE column, a powder sorbent will interact with some interferences when the sample passes through the SPE column. This one-step process is much shorter than usual 3-steps SPE process.

Product families


Qcleanup®, salts and dispersive SPE products for QuEChERS treatment.

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