SPE Automation

The purpose of SPE is:

  • Remove Interference from instrumental analysis
  • Enrich analytes for lower detection limit
  • Convert analytes to a form suitable for analysis

The automated SPE technic has been developed to become faster and to increase productivity . Analytical Precision and Accuracy Vacuum design introduces variation in loading and elution flow rates. In a vacuum manifold, flow rates will change as the amount of solvent in SPE cartridges changes, and the flow rate can vary if one cell goes dry, which causes deterioration of reproducibility. Automated SPE also eliminates human error. With manual SPE, precision and accuracy can vary from operator to operator, batch to batch, and sample to sample. Automated SPE eliminates this variation.

AFFINISEP provides a wide range SPE Flangeless (tabless) adequate for SPE automation.

We provide as SPE for Aspec (Gilson) or GERSTEL Multi Purpose Sampler (MPS).