Our SPE Disk

Our SPE Disk (AttractSPE®Disks) is a SPE that Sorbent particles (more than 90%) are tightly held together within an inert matrix (less than 10%). The dense particle are packing with no void space with uniform particle distribution giving it high separation efficiency. This thin membrane (looks like a filter) with small bed volume has high capacity for extraction and purification of molecules.

Our SPE Disk can be layered to combine functionality (HLB, Ionic exchange, C18, Molecularly Imprinted polymers, …) and so suitable for large number of compound.

AttractSPE®Disks can be cut to fit desired holder.

Thanks to its chemical and physical stability, it is suitable for large sample volumes in water analysis and very small sample volume in proteomics.

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Advantages of our AttractSPE®Disks solution

AttractSPE®Disks are thin and uniform membranes based chromatography for Extraction/separation, purification and concentration of analyte molecules from liquid or air samples.

  • Thin (<1mm) and soft membranes with an excellent hold
  • High exposed surface area of active particles
  • This is very interesting feature makes the membrane specially designed for many applications of extraction or purification
  • Its format makes possible to pass through large volumes samples used in environmental analysis or very small volumes in life science
  • Diameter of 25mm, 47mm, 90mm and other format under demand
  • The membrane material exists under various formats like disks, cartridges, tips or 96-well plates.
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Differents applications

AttractSPE®Disks Environment

  • Water analysis
  • Compatible to many EPA methods
  • Passive Samplers
  • Contaminants enrichment

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AttractSPE®Disks BioMol

  • Automated process to desalt or “clean-up” proteins/peptides
  • Liquid handling robotics
  • StageTips, 96 well plates and disks

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