Manifold for cartridges

SPE Vacuum manifold 12 or 24-port for simultaneous SPE cartridges processes.

Glass manifold for a better control of the SPE process.

SPE vacuum manifold can make possible the simultaneous sample treatment of 12 to 24 samples by solid phase extraction (SPE).

Thanks to the valves, each SPE column flow can be controlled during the process.

Solid Phase extraction Vacuum Manifold allows you to control the flow and to process up to 12 (12-port version) or 24 (24-port version) AFFINIMIP® SPE samples simultaneously, to gain significantly time during sample preparation steps.

Products list

Product Name Product Price Product SKU Cart Actions

kit of 12 reservoirs 15ml and adapters for use with 1,3 & 6 mL columns

Ref. : ACC-AR2

SPE Vacuum Manifold – 12-port model

1 unit

Ref. : ACC-MAN2

1L trap kit


spe accessoire evaporator

6 port Mini-Vap Evaporator/Concentrator for use with 1 to 250mL containers

Ref. : ACC-VAP1