Radiotracers purification

Find the best way to purify your radiotracers.

Purification is the critical step in radiotracer production.

Due to the short lifetime of radiotracers, the method of purification is a key aspect in radiopharmaceutical production and long purification steps must be avoided. The method of choice must also be effective enough to ensure a high level of radiochemical purity.

AFFINISEP proposes solutions based on Solid phase extraction (SPE).

SPE for Formulation :

SPE for 18F Separation :

  • PS-DVB Carbonate : AttractSPETM SAX-HCO3

SPE for Purification :

  • Purification of radiotracers obtained from Ammonium precursor : AFFINIMIP® SPE for purification of radiotracers is based on the affinity for the precursor. In the case of Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution with 18F, impurities, Kryptofix and residual 18F are also retained on the cartridge, while the purified radiotracer is obtained after elution: AFFINIMIP® SPE 18F – Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution