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As an applications-driven company, AFFINISEP supplies several documents to help you to select the right product for your application.
These documents can be :
– product catalogs
– short booklets on application fields such as environmental or biomoleculars fields
– booklets on very specific AFFINIMIP®SPE applications such as the analysis of Glyphosate, Patulin, Estrogens or Bisphenols.

Application notes for several matrices are then described to make easier the use of these kits.

  • Booklets

Applications & Products guide for Food Safety

DownloadPDF - 393.07kB
  • Booklets

Booklet Proteomics

New! BioSPE™: ready-to-use kits for proteomics

DownloadPDF - 1.08MB
  • Booklets

Booklet Glyphosate

DownloadPDF - 3.13MB
  • Booklets

Booklet Patulin

DownloadPDF - 1.56MB
  • Booklets

Booklet Disks SPE

DownloadPDF - 463.11kB
  • Booklets

Booklet Water & Environmental Analysis

DownloadPDF - 1.29MB
  • Booklets

Booklet Bisphenol

DownloadPDF - 5.02MB
  • Booklets

Booklet Estrogens

DownloadPDF - 342.05kB
  • Booklets

Booklet Biomolecular applications

DownloadPDF - 1.68MB
  • Catalog


Find all the information in our product catalogue.

DownloadPDF - 2.87MB

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