A look back at 10 years of Affinisep

It all began with two passionate PhDs in chemistry driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, specializing in polymers!
Their expertise? Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) technology.

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10th October 2013: Affinisep company founded

From research to entrepreneurship, Affinisep’s mission is to put its knowledge and expertise at the service of scientists. In a spirit of collaboration with laboratories around the world, the founders decided to develop and manufacture turnkey kits for simplified and high-performance analyses, a revolution in the field of sample preparation.

2 affinimip

2014: Creation of AFFINIMIP®SPE for food safety

AFFINIMIP®SPE range based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) technology are SPE products dedicated to food safety, quality control and analysis of food and environmental contaminants, such as Glyphosate, PAHs, PFAS, Aminoglycosides and many others.

  • First product launch: the innovative AFFINIMIP®SPE Patulin kit, world leader SPE kit for Patulin analysis.
  • Development of the AFFINIMIP®SPE Mycotoxins and AFFINIMIP®SPE Bisphenols ranges.
  • Expansion to other applications: the range is constantly evolving and growing (products dedicated to the analysis of PAH hydrocarbons, pesticides/herbicides, antibiotics, etc.).

3 attractspe

2015: Creation of the AttractSPE® polymers range

Affinisep is gradually increasing its production capacity and developing a new range of AttractSPE® HLB, DVB, SAX (MAX), SCX (MCX), WCX, WAX polymers.

4 passivesampler

2016: Passive sampling for environmental analysis

Development of our range dedicated to passive sampling for water analysis. Market launch of our POCIS HLB and Glyphosate.

5 disk

2019: Launch of a new technology with AttractSPE®Disk

Affinisep develops a new range based on an innovative membrane marketed under the AttractSPE® Disk brand (C18, C8, C4, HLB, DVB, SAX, WAX, SCX, WCX).

6 bioanalysis

2020: New prospects and involvement in the bioanalysis market

  • Business development for Bioanalysis

Enrichment of our know-how: Affinisep brings its expertise to bioanalysis (omics) by developing products dedicated to microelution with a new AttractSPE® Disk microelution range.

  • Subsidiary in the USA

Opening of a subsidiary in the United States. In addition to a distributor network already consolidated around the world (Europe, Asia, Oceania…), Affinisep is continuing to develop its international presence and is setting up operations on the other side of the Atlantic, in America.

7 new facilities

2021: New facilities

Renovation of a former industrial site to host the company’s new headquarters, with the creation of modern laboratories to accommodate a larger and robotized production capacity. The Affinisep team is growing up again!

8 biospe

2022: Creation of the BioSPE® range

  • Launch of a new BioSPE® range of ready-to-use kits dedicated to proteomic and metabolomic applications.
  • Our new e-commerce site goes online to offer you our entire product catalog and meet your needs worldwide.

9 10th anniversary 1

2023: It’s our 10th anniversary!

Thank you for believing in us from the start, and for trusting us all these years. Already 10 years of R&D, innovation and growth, and this is only the beginning of the adventure!

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