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Discover our new SPE solution for beta-agonist analysis as well as our new application note showing the determination of beta-agonist compounds in foods using AFFINIMIP®SPE Beta-Agonists.

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Proteomic Forum | EuPA

Affinisep will be present from April 3 to 7 at the XIV Annual Congress of the European Proteomics Association in Leipzig, Germany.

Come and meet us from Sunday to Thursday on our booth n°16!

We will be happy to present you our range of products dedicated to proteomics.

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Meet Affinisep during 2022 exhibitions and conferences.

June meetings

Meet us at ASMS 2022, booth n° 519!

When: 5th to 9th June 2022
Where: Minneapolis (USA)

When: 21st to 24th June 2022
Where: Munich (Germany)

Meet us booth n° A1. 425

September meetings

When: 5th to 8th September 2022

Where: Nantes, France

  • Forum LABO

When: 19th to 20th September 2022

Where: Lyon, France

Completed events

Date: February 5 – 9, 2022 (Saturday — Wednesday)
Where: Boston, Massachusetts.
International Conference & Exhibition Boston Convention.

Affinisep Booth n°1139.

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Meet us at EuPA 2022, booth n°16.

When: 3rd to 7th April 2022
Where: Leipzig (Germany)

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This tutorial video is for simple analysis of Glyphosate and its metabolites without derivatization in Complex Matrix!

AFFINIMIP®SPE Glyphosate is a very powerful kit for the cleanup of glyphosate, AMPA and glufosinate in water and food. This kit is supplied with a ready-to-use protocol for several tested matrices such as tea, honey, cereals… These applications are also gathered in an application notebook.

To make your life even easier, we have now prepared a tutorial video with tips and tricks.

Or course, our technical support remains available to help you to implement these methods if required…

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Passive samplers based on SPE disks is an easy and reliable way to monitor hydrophilic contaminants including emerging compounds in natural waters for long periods.

SPE disks are easy to handle before and after the exposure on the field, strongly reducing risks of loss of information during these steps.
 More particularly, AttractSPE®Disks HLB is becoming the workhorse of this field thanks to the large range of molecules this disk can uptake.   In recent publications, major organizations in passive sampling have used AttractSPE®Disks HLB to monitor contaminants emerging concerns (CEC) in UK or in Central Europe. More than 150 pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, drug metabolites, personal care products and pesticides were checked.

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