AttractSPEâ„¢ Disks

Solid Phase Extraction Disks for a high contaminants enrichment with a high flow rate

pack AttractSPEâ„¢ DisksAttract SPEDisks are Solid Phase Extraction Disks for the extractions of a broad range of contaminants. Loading large water volume is possible thanks to a fast flow rate and a high surface area of exchange. AttractSPE™Disks is a thin, dense and uniform SPE disk for retention of targeted analytes without any breakthrough. Our innovative SPE disks allow the best interactions with analytes and a maximal flow rates without any channeling. AFFINISEP supplies a wide variety of sorbents such as HLB, C18, Anion and cation exchanges ...

Attract™SPE Disks reduce extraction time while loading high volume of water. A high enrichment is obtained by our SPE disks with excellent recoveries (>90%).


AttractSPEDisks are the only alternative products to 3M Empore disk for Solid Phase Extraction!


In Analytical laboratories, spe disks are widely used as much as spe cartridges. We noticed a high demand for alternative spe disks to the most popular one, the Empore 3M. That’s why AFFINISEP decided to develop AttractSPE™ Disks, a solution with high efficiency.


Avantages of AttractSPEDisks

- Diversity of sorbents C18, HLB, SDB-XC, SDB-RPS, Anion and cation exchanges...

- High flow rates

- High kinetics

- Large sample volume (several liters)

- Homogeneous particules

- Compatible with manual and automated holders

- Can handle dirty samples

In the table below, you will find the different SPE Disks available and their references. You will find also the different matrices from which you can proceed to sample preparation and all the EPA methods.


Product Product reference Compatible with analytical methods
AttractSPE Disks HLB

20/pk, 47mm diameter


EPA methods :

532 (Phenylurea compounds), 548 (Endothall), 625 (Acids and Base/Neutrals including PCBs), 8081 (Organochlorine Pesticides), 8082 (PCBs), 8270 (Semivolatile Organic Compounds), 8315 (Carbonyl Compounds), 8318 (N-Methylcarbamates), 8330 (Nitroaromatics & Nitramines)

and also Hormons, sex steroids, PAHs, PPCPs, Pharmaceutical compounds, Endocrine disruptors

AttractSPE Disks CI8

20/pk, 47mm diameter


EPA methods :

506 (Phthalate & Adipate Esters), 507 (Nitrogen- & Phosphorus-Containing Pesticides), 508.1 (Chlorinated Pesticides), 525 (Organic Compounds), 532 (Phenylurea compounds), 548 (Endothall), 550.1 (PAHs), 553.1 (Benzidine & Nitrogen-containing Pesticides), 554 (Carbonyl Compounds & Formaldehyde), 608 (Organochlorine Pesticides), 1613 (Dioxins & Furans), 1614, 1657 (Organophosphorus Pesticides), 1668 (PCBs), 8061 (Phthalate Esters), 8081 (Organochlorine Pesticides), 8082 (PCBs), 8315 (Carbonyl Compounds)

and also Bisphenols & Alkyl phenols, PBDEs, Dioxins & Furans, Phthalates, Herbicides, PAHs, Carbaryl, Microcystins

AttractSPE Disks SDB-XC

20/pk, 47mm diameter


EPA method 515.2 chlorinated acids

AttractSPE Disks SDB-RPS

20/pk, 47mm diameter


Explosives Residues (HDX, RDX)

AttractSPE Disks Anion Exchange - SR

20/pk, 47mm diameter


EPA methods:

548.1 Rev. 1 (Endothall), EPA Method 552.1 Rev. 1 (Haloacetic Acids and Dalapon)

And also Pesticides, Pharmaceutical compounds and analytes containing carboxylic acid groups

AttractSPE Disks Cation Exchange - SR

20/pk, 47mm diameter


Metals, Amines

AttractSPE Disks Oil & Grease

20/pk, 47mm diameter


Oil & grease

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Application notes

Analysis of Metolachlor OA and Metolachlor ESA in large volumes of water using AttractSPEDisks - HLB

Analysis of Acid Herbicides: Aminopyralid, Clopyralid and Picloram in large volumes of water using AttractSPEDisks - Anion Exchange - SR

Analysis of several trace contaminants from a loading of 2L water using AttractSPE™ Disks HLB - Comparison with competitor HLB SPE Disks



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