SPE for radiotracers purification

Find the best way to purify your radiotracers

Purification is the critical step in radiotracer production

Due to the short lifetime of radiotracers, the method of purification is a key aspect in radiopharmaceutical production and long purification steps must be avoided. The method of choice must also be effective enough to ensure a high level of radiochemical purity. AFFINISEP proposes solutions based on Solid phase extraction (SPE).


Benefits of Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE)

- Rapid and simple radiotracer purification: no need for a preparative HPLC thanks to our SPE cartridges

- Increased reliability of radiotracer production: reduction of manual handling steps

- Improved radiotracer purity: no cross contamination thanks to single use cartridges

- Compatible with radiofluoration automates

automate radiopharma

SPE for Formulation:

     - Switch from ACN/DMSO to Ethanol : AttractSPETM HLB

     - Remove your polar by-products/impurities/salts : AttractSPETM HLB ; SilactTM SPE C18

SPE for 18F Separation:

     - PS-DVB Carbonate : AttractSPETM SAX-HCO3

SPE for Purification:

     - Purification of radiotracers obtained from Ammonium precursor :  AFFINIMIP® SPE 18F - Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution 

     - Purification of 18FBA (Fluorobenzaldehyde) : AFFINIMIP® SPE 18F - Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution 

     - Purification of 18F-EFB (Ethyl 4-Fluorobenzoate) : AFFINIMIP® SPE 18F - Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution

     - Removal or concentration of anions : AttractSPETM WAX/SAX 

     - Removal or concentration of cations : AttractSPETM WCX/SCX 

     - Separation of hydrophobic/hydrophilic components (18F-product/salts): AttractSPETM HLB or DVB 

Several formats of SPE cartridges are availables with open or reversible cartridges (description of format).


AFFINIMIP® SPE 18F - Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution

Purification of 18F radiotracer obtained from ammonium precursor by Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution.

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AttractSPE - polymeric cartridges

AttractSPE®is a complete product line of polymeric sorbents for a broad range of purification.

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SilactSPE - Silica/Alumina cartridges

Cartridges with Best suited Silica and Alumina-based sorbents

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Custom-made solutions & Services for radiotracers purification

Flexibility and Know-how for the most suitable purification tools/protocols

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