Estrogens, Estradiol, Ethinylestradiol

Estrogens are a group of compounds which play an important role in the estrous cycle. They are either natural (Estrone, Estriol, 17α- and 17β-Estradiol) or synthetic compounds (17α-EthinylEstradiol, Dienestrol, Diethylstilbestrol).

Estrogens play a key role in developmental and reproductive functions. They also affect a diversity of biological processes involved in coronary artery disease, immunocompetence and cancer susceptibility. When they are present in wastewater, these endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) have adverse effects on endocrine systems of human beings and animals.

To facilitate analyses, Affinisep has developed AFFINIMIP® SPE Estrogens, selective solid phase extraction cartridges that selectively clean and concentrate estrogens before analysis by HPLC.

Our Booklet AFFINIMIP®SPE Estrogens collects main useful information about :

  • Regulations concerning Estrogens
  • AFFINIMIP®SPE Estrogens description
  • Product added-value vs alternative methods
  • Application notes