Fumonsins are known to cause animal diseases and is suspected human carcinogens. Fumonisin B1 is the most abundant member of the family of Fumonisins while Fumonisin B2 is more cytotoxic than fumonisin B1.

Several countries have instituted Zearalenone and Fumonisins B1+B2 restrictions in foodstuffs. In Europe, Regulation (EC) 1126/2007 sets maximum levels for Zearalenone at 350µg/kg in unprocessed maize, 100µg/kg in maize for human consumption and 20µg/kg in maize based food for infants and young children. Regarding Fumonisins (B1+B2) maximum allowable levels are 4000µg/kg in unprocessed maize, 1000µg/kg in maize for human consumption, and 200µg/kg in maize based food for infants and young children.

AFFINIMIP® SPE FumoZON are selective solid phase extraction cartridges that clean and concentrate simultaneously Zearalenone and Fumonisins B1+B2 prior to analysis by HPLC-MS.

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  • Fumonisins

Application note AFFINIMIP® SPE FumoZON in Maize and Maize-based Baby Food

– Maize and maize-based baby food

Simultaneous analysis of Zearalenone and Fumonisins has been carried out on maize flour and maize based baby food after cleanup with AFFINIMIP® SPE FumoZON. Strong ion-suppression reduction and recoveries higher than 80% compliant with the performance criteria established by the European Commission Regulation (EC 401/2006) were obtained.

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